800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention
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Foster a strong data culture

WebEngage's powerful Customer Data Platform extracts data from diverse sources to construct a unified and singular data hub.

Collect Data-1
Collect Data

Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time

Unified Profile-1
Unify Profiles

Get a 360o view of your customers with actionable insights

Protect Data
Protect Data

Ensure data security with role based access control and real-time alerts

User Segmentation
Data Segmentation

Generate segments based on user and event attributes

Real-time tracking
Data Prediction and Decision

Deduce real-time actionable marketing insight using advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning

2-step Integration
Data Activation

Connects with external systems for campaign management across diverse channels

What can WebEngage do for you?

WebEngage's full-stack retention platform offers easy-to-use features that can help you make the most of your marketing efforts.
  • Prevent data from falling
    through the cracks
  • Build rich customer profiles
    in real-time
  • Protect customer data & comply with
    global privacy regulations
  • Group 4780 (1)
    Prevent data from falling
    through the cracks
    Effortlessly incorporate external data sources, to establish a unified and accurate reference point.
  • Frame 19885 (2)
    Build rich customer profiles
    in real-time
    Whether your user engages with a mobile or web app, elevate each interaction by delivering impeccably timed, consistent, and context-aware messages using 'no-code' personalization techniques.
  • Group 4816 (2)
    Protect customer data & comply with
    global privacy regulations
    Give your customers the privacy they rightfully need and ensure data confidentiality with role-based access control and real-time alerts.

Leading global brands choose WebEngage

Over 800 brands across varied sectors delivered true omnichannel experiences to their customers with WebEngage's platform.
  • E-commerce & D2C
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Media & Entertainment
  • BFSI
  • EdTech
  • Frame 2033-Feb-13-2024-06-50-27-9067-PM

    Asif Khan,
    Ex-Head of Marketing

    Frame 2033 (14)

    Aviral Bansal,
    Lead IT Manager - B2B eCommerce

    Frame 2033-1

    Shahin Riaz,
    Head of Product

  • Frame 2034-4

    Amir Allam,

    Frame 2033 (1)

    Muhammad Zohaib Anwaar,
    Group Director - CRM

    Frame 2033 (2)

    Amanjeet Singh M.,
    CRM Manager - Global

  • Frame 2033-1

    David Simons,
    Commercial Director

    Frame 2033 (10)-1

    Krishnendu Guha,
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Team Vikatan

  • Frame 2033 (4)

    Payal Saxena,
    Director - Digital Marketing

    Frame 2033 (5)

    Aniket Thakkar,
    Ex - VP Marketing

    Frame 2033 (15)

    Pranav Dabke,
    Ex-Campaign Manager - Digital Marketing

  • Frame 2033 (7)

    Akshay Chaturvedi,
    Founder & CEO

    Frame 2033 (8)

    Videt Jaiswal,

    Frame 2034 (1)-1

    Seun Olayiwola,
    Marketing Manager

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