800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention
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WebEngage for email marketing automation

Elevate your email marketing effortlessly with our intuitive automation tool – seamless integration, simple success.
Drag & Drop Designer
Drag and Drop Editor

Create personalized emails effortlessly with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for optimal conversions

Engage Unknown Users
AMP Support

Bring emails to life with seamless integration of real-time data updates, interactive forms, and embedded user actions

Campaign Optimization
Content Optimisation

Leverage WebEngage's AI for automated content creation, delivering captivating and SEO-friendly results

Intuitive visualization
Spam Check

WebEngage's AI analyzes email content for real-time spam alerts, optimizing deliverability

Actionable Insights
Customized Reporting

Gain intricate user-level insights for sharper email marketing strategies and more precise customer engagement

Automate marketing campaigns with WebEngage's retention suite

Boost engagement with personalized campaigns and automated workflows, addressing retention challenges across diverse industries.
  • Hyper-personalize every element of your email
  • Maximize email effectiveness with AI
  • Lasting impact, in every inbox
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    Hyper-personalize every element of your email
    Deliver relevant messages and personalize each email by integrating user details, preferences, and actions.
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    Maximize email effectiveness with AI
    Unlock the power of WebEngage's cutting-edge AI for intelligent content recommendations and instant spam alerts, elevating deliverability.
  • Frame 19885 (19)
    Lasting impact, in every inbox
    Gain from an extensive range of domain best practices and our in-house deliverability experts, ensuring top-notch email delivery and preserving sender reputation.

A/B test campaigns before making a commitment

Discover the winning email version by experimenting with diverse variations among smaller groups, and let WebEngage automatically distribute it to your database for enhanced efficiency.

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Leading global brands choose WebEngage

Over 800 brands across varied sectors delivered true omnichannel experiences to their customers with WebEngage's platform.
  • E-commerce & D2C
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Media & Entertainment
  • BFSI
  • EdTech
  • Frame 2033-Feb-13-2024-06-50-27-9067-PM

    Asif Khan,
    Ex-Head of Marketing

    Frame 2033 (14)

    Aviral Bansal,
    Lead IT Manager - B2B eCommerce

    Frame 2033-1

    Shahin Riaz,
    Head of Product

  • Frame 2034-4

    Amir Allam,

    Frame 2033 (1)

    Muhammad Zohaib Anwaar,
    Group Director - CRM

    Frame 2033 (2)

    Amanjeet Singh M.,
    CRM Manager - Global

  • Frame 2033-1

    David Simons,
    Commercial Director

    Frame 2033 (10)-1

    Krishnendu Guha,
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Team Vikatan

  • Frame 2033 (4)

    Payal Saxena,
    Director - Digital Marketing

    Frame 2033 (5)

    Aniket Thakkar,
    Ex - VP Marketing

    Frame 2033 (15)

    Pranav Dabke,
    Ex-Campaign Manager - Digital Marketing

  • Frame 2033 (7)

    Akshay Chaturvedi,
    Founder & CEO

    Frame 2033 (8)

    Videt Jaiswal,

    Frame 2034 (1)-1

    Seun Olayiwola,
    Marketing Manager

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