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What makes WebEngage’s In-App Messaging platform the best-in-class?

Targeted Messaging

Show the right messages to the most relevant audience with granular targeting.

Custom Themes

Pick and edit from an existing library of templates or create one from scratch.

Seamless Customer Experience

Acquire users from multiple channels and give them a seamless, personalized app experience.

Different Use-Cases, Different Templates

Choose from an exhaustive library of pre-designed templates to create high-impact in-app messages. No coding required!

Make each In-App Message a warm note

Create dynamically personalized in-app messages by leveraging deep user insights and behavioral data to engage users in the moments that matter.


Create Campaigns For All Stages of the Customers’ lifecycle

Visually map various scenarios in which your users experience your product, track user lifecycle stages, and tailor real-time communications with In-App notifications.

A/B Test Campaigns and Show Winning Variation Automatically

Test multiple variations of In-App Messages with smaller groups. Iron out imperfections in the beginning and analyze what works best.
We’ll then automatically show the winning variation to the larger audience for greater effectiveness.

Bring Campaign Analytics to the Centre of all your Engagement & Retention Efforts

  • Data-rich reports & Visual dashboards
  • Multichannel Campaign Management
  • Conversion & Revenue Tracking
  • DnD, Throttling & Frequency Capping

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